The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated to us all the importance of connectivity. The ability to work, study or simply just communicate with family or friends within your home or surrounding locality is taken for granted in major towns and cities across Ireland. However, for many small communities located across rural Ireland mobile coverage remains a serious issue which needs to be addressed.

Get Connected Ireland is being established to bring together the power of local community with the expertise of the leading telecoms infrastructure providers in Europe, Cellnex.

Our objective is to mobilise & galvanise support within communities to participate in the planning and delivery of mobile connectivity in their local areas by providing a platform where they can access relevant, factual information on telecoms solutions. We are putting out a “Community Call” where communities can come together to request a review of the mobile coverage in their local area to see if a solution to their mobile connectivity issue can be delivered. Rural connectivity should be today’s solution, not tomorrow’s problem.

Mobile Connectivity is essential to everyone, everywhere. Lets Get Connected.