Smart Cities & IoT

Cellnex provides flexible and integrated solutions to make the “smart” concept a reality.

The Internet of Things improves both daily life and professional processes by collecting and analysing all the data emitted by the “smart” terminals deployed both in living areas and in places where citizens and professionals pass through.

Thanks to the “Internet of Things”, the number of smart cities is increasing.

In an intelligent city, information technology (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are used to manage and control the city. This concerns both administration and facilities, such as libraries, hospitals, transportation systems and public services.

From a customer experience perspective, the ‘smart city’ approach makes it possible to offer, among other things, increased safety, smoother traffic management, air pollution early control, more efficient use of energy and finally a better quality of life for residents.

Thanks to our telecommunications infrastructure and our ecosystem of partners, Cellnex offers the services to make this digital transformation possible.

In 2020, we partnered with Everynet with an agreement to deploy a nationwide LoraWan IoT network across Ireland utilising our own network of sites.


Integrated and adaptable solutions to make the Smart concept a tangible reality, and improve the management of both urban and rural environments.

Wireless broadband (Premium Wi-Fi networks, Roaming, Offload)

Internet of Things


Comprehensive real-time management. Cellnex Telecom offers a transversal service to optimise resources and efficiency in city management.

Smart Ecosystem


The availability and security of communications are fundamental in emergency situations. CellnexTelecom provides quality solutions for secure communication by different types of fleet and vehicle.

Security and emergency networks


Control centres